About Horse Blankets


For centuries, horse blankets have been prized possessions, used at ceremonies and other special events. They are usually fitted under the saddle, often alongside an additional pad- the blanket serves to cover the pad, giving a better overall look. Blankets can also be used by more adventurous riders instead of a saddle or pad- this tradition ties horse blankets in […]

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What To Watch For When Buying a Horse At Auction


Buying a horse at auction will always involve some element of risk. There’s usually a reason why the owner is selling at auction instead of directly to a buyer- but if you’re not careful, you’ll only discover those reasons after you’ve handed your money over. Most of the time, unless you are a professional horse trainer or vet yourself, a […]

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Do Horses Have Their Own Language – And Why Is It Important?


Most people know that animals, including horses, use body language to communicate. Unfortunately, though, most horse owners don’t pay as much attention to this as they should, and this can cause huge problems in the long run. Every flick of their tail or twitch of their ears means something, and it’s up to us as owners and riders to learn […]

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