How to treat white line disease


Horses are particularly hardy animals- they tend to get sick less often than others. However, they come with their own unique set of health issues, too. Since they spend virtually all their lives standing up, and can’t lie down for long without getting ill, a horse’s hooves are extremely important to their overall health. The most common horse diseases are related to their hooves, though, which is why an integral part of horse care revolves around ensuring their hooves are strong, healthy, and able to put up with everything that life might throw at them.

By far the most common disease that horses pick up on their feet is known as white line disease. This condition attacks the part of the foot where the hoof is connected, and gets its name from its initial symptom- a white line that might not look like a big deal at first. However, this is actually a sign that the hoof is beginning to deteriorate, and if you don’t catch it quickly, it can cause your horse a great deal of pain, as the disease starts to eat away at the hoof. If left unchecked, white line disease can cause lameness, your horse might even need to be put down because of it.

White line disease is caused by bacteria that eat into the horse’s hoof. The only cure is to apply medicine to the affected area, and to file the hooves down to remove the parts which have been eaten into. However, the longer you leave it, the more difficult this process becomes.

Prevention is key when it comes to white line disease, and the best way to do this is to ensure that your horse’s living area is kept clean, warm, and dry, to inhibit the bacteria that cause the condition.

White line disease is obviously not the only disease that’s common in horses. Other conditions include colds and flu, and colic. Again, the best way of dealing with these is preventing them from happening in the first place. Your horse deserves to live somewhere clean and comfortable- not only will this prevent bacteria from growing, but it will also leave your horse happier overall.

By taking the time to clean your horse’s stable regularly, you could end up saving its life.

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