About Horse Shoes

As you probably already know, virtually all horses have horse shoes attached to their feet. You shouldn’t worry that the horse feels any pain at all from them- the shoe is attached to the hooves, which, rather like our fingernails, lacks any feeling. Horse shoes provide some much needed added protection to your horse’s feet, and they become even more important if your horse will be doing a lot of work- they ensure that they don’t wind up getting hurt on hard surfaces.

You simply can’t overestimate just how important horse shoes are to horses’ health and wellbeing. There are a lot of potential obstacles on the ground that could damage a horse’s hooves, and wherever they will be walking, there will be bacteria sources that could get into their feet and make them sick. Most horses also work quite hard in the course of their daily lives, and that means an un-shoed horse might easily get a cracked hoof or other foot injury.

You should be aware that if your horse gets a foot injury, or contracts an illness in their foot, the prognosis isn’t goof. Foot injuries are a particular issue for horses, because they are so reliant on having strong, working legs- a lame horse will often need to be put down. For that reason, it is vital that you take all the necessary precautions to ensure your horse is fitted with the right shoes, and that those shoes are always well taken care of.

If you want to learn more about horse shoes so as to look after your horse more effectively, then get in touch with someone who is experienced in the area. This isn’t an issue you should take care of on your own- a horse’s shoe is so important for their health, and is the difference between life or death. Because of that, you should never try to shoe a horse on your own. Make sure that you go to a vet who is experienced in these matters, and learn as much as you can about horse health in general before you get one. Horses’ feet need to be cared for often, so that they stay healthy and happy, and live a long life.

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